2006-10-23Start of ReCALL, known as FlashCard
The first version is created by php
2007-01-31Changing form php to Ruby on Rails
2007-03-18Getting close, to an app, with login mechanism
2007-04-16Implimenting a WYSIWYG editor
2007-04-31Name change from FlashCard to ReCALL
2007-05-03Tabs are implimented
Summer of 2007ReCALL are now online for beta testing
Spring of 2008Changing hosting firm to Site5.
Also updated application to RoR 2.0.2
Changed to other login mechanism
Summer of 2008Updated ReCALL changes:
* Ferret (search engine) card search
* Import of CSV (Comma Seperated Values)
* Export of CSV (Comma Seperated Values)
* Updated statistics page, with a "popular" counter
* Updated pages, so that the number of piles/cards is shown
* Updated the page about who is supporting ReCALL
* Update ReCALL to work with Rails 2.1.0
* Update ReCALL with a AJAX card creator
2009-02-11 * Updated the app to Rails 2.2.2
* Updates some AJAX errors
* Created a drag & drop, sort options for cards in a pile
* Layed the foundation to translate ReCALL to Danish
2009-08-17 ReCALL got it's own domain, www.irecall.dk
2009-10-04 updated plugins, and added keyboard shortcuts.
Changed a littel layout stuff
Added breadcrum navigation
RSS feeds for all piles and piles in a category
2009-10-19 Created a mobile view.
Please note that the iphone mobile view's learning part is not working.
2011-02-14 Updates to newest rails, did some spring cleaning, to optimise performance
Future? suggestions are welcome

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