searchSearch, used to search for cards.
learnLearn, used to enter learning mode.
Only found when looking at a pile.
EditEdit, used in pile and cards
When pressin this icons, you will edit the current pile or card
DestroyDestroy, used in pile and cards
When pressing this icons, you will delete a card or pile
addAdd, used in pile and card.
When pressing this icons, you will add a new card or pile
Previous pageBack, used go back, privours page, for look at last card
NextFoward, used to go foward, next page, to look at next card
What is CSVCVS, stands for comma seperated value
What can I use CSV to?To easy import/export data, between ReCALL and other memory aid systems, that supports CSV import/export
How do I create a CSV file?Use any normal texteditor (not wordpad), and create a normal test file, where the values are seperated by ','
CSV importCreate your CSV file to fit: head,front,back
Please note, currently ReCALL dosn't support that you have a header in the file, and that you switch order of the fields.
CSV exportYour pile will be exported as: 'Id','head','front', 'back','note'

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