Who is behind ReCALL?
ReCall is created by Svend Gundestrup.

Who is ReCALL ment for?
ReCall is created to be used as a learning tool, for all medical students.

ReCALL programming language?
ReCall is programmed in Ruby, using the Rails framework.

ReCALL developmen platform?

ReCALL development status?
ReCALL, is STILL is under development, and we take no responsiability,
for loss of data, or acounts, or missing an exam, because your account, cards, piles
or anything else for that matter is missing, deleted.

ReCALL will never distribute / release any user information.
But all cards and piles are public, and will remain public.

Any information interes as cards for piles, is owned by Svend Gundestrup, and may not,
without any priviours permissing be copied.

ReCALL is supported by
Server and development
Books used in the development
faculty of health sciense
jira bugtracking
Atlassian supports our efforts by contributing their bug tracking and issue tracking application, JIRA, to our organisation.

Atlassian is an innovative Australian software company providing enterprise software solutions to the world's leading organisations. Atlassian's leading software product, JIRA is a bug tracking and issue tracking application developed to track and manage the issues and bugs that emerge during a project. JIRA customers include departments from NASA, Boeing, Cisco, JP Morgan, 3M, BP, Sony and more.
Try it for yourself today.

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